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All About TXcess Surplus

About Our Surplus Business and Products

TXcess Surplus sells surplus computer hardware... and we specialize in Dell and HP compatible surplus parts. We offer new parts, excess inventory, and OEM refurbished name brand products.

Our warehouse is in Round Rock, Texas, but it's really NOT OPEN to the public because we only sell online.

TXcess Surplus Home

The majority of our business comes from providing surplus PC parts to people like you. We also sell large quantities, or bulk lots, to PC repair companies, computer resellers, and to other PC brokers, too.

Most of our inventory is either Dell or HP compatible surplus parts. And sometimes we only receive one of each item. That's why we encourage you to buy it now if you find a computer part you need from our store (if there's only one available) because we may never see another one of these items again.

What's Different About TXcess Surplus

We've been in the surplus electronic business for a very long time... and we still love what we do. Just imagine walking into to a warehouse each morning filled to the brim with incredible computer products and getting truckloads of new techie toys each week. Honestly, it's like going to dweeb heaven each and every day.

How It All Works Together For You:

  • We Recycle Surplus Electronic Products

    We buy surplus electronics and computer parts in mixed truckloads from several OEM PC suppliers. In the computer secondary market, mixed truckload purchases offer the best price point for online computer part sellers like us because we do most of the hard work (like the recovery, teardown, and testing) in our warehouse, after the products are delivered. And it takes a lot of hardware-savvy employees to sort, identify, test and process the wide range of diverse products that arrive with each delivery.

    Sometimes we don't even get an inventory list of the actual items we are buying. This means we never know what computer products we will receive until they arrive at our dock. But over the years we have developed relationships (and friendships) with some of the best OEM direct PC suppliers in this industry and they continue to provide us, and occasionally amaze us, with all the great computer parts and electronic products you see in our store. Thank you guys!

  • We Recover Surplus Parts

    After the semi trucks deliver the wares, our serious recovery work begins. The computer techs have to sort through each truckload (including every pallet and box) to find the reuseable products in the mix. Then they pull the best products, identify them, test them, and add the items that make the grade into our inventory database.

    We add new products to our store every business day. So check back often to see what's new.

    We also take our own photographs of every product we sell through this store. And we make the pictures as large as possible... so you can see what you get from us before you buy it.

  • You Save On Surplus Products

    You simply save a lot of money when you buy recycled surplus products from us because our prices are so low. In fact, you can usually get two or more of our products... for the same price one item would cost you at other computer seller's sites.

    We survive by buying right, doing the hard work in-house, and we make our money by selling huge quantities of low-priced, recycled surplus products. It's not the usual way to do business today, but it works for us, and hopefully our low prices, great products and excellent service work for you, too!

Our Competition Gets It, Too

It takes a lot of effort to recycle and recover surplus products. And it's extremely time-consuming and it requires knowledgeable people who know how to identify strange (and sometimes obscure) hardware and equipment.

It also requires hard physical labor in a hot Texas warehouse, but this uncommon combination of computer smarts and sweat equity is what really cuts our costs.

The labor-intensive recovery process may be the reason our competition usually can't beat our low prices. They may not have the time, energy or highly-skilled personnel to do what we do. Or maybe they simply don't want the hassle, but we've been doing it for years and have a system in place that makes it all work for us.

And our prices must really be right... because some of our competition buy products directly from us, too!

That's how we recycle and recover all the surplus products you see in this store. And it's the only reason our prices are so low. In fact, some of the products we sell are priced below wholesale (and even lower than auction site prices, too).

So browse our store --and compare our prices-- then shop here and SAVE today!

Affordable Surplus Products from a Safe, Secure Store

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Doug Heihn, TXcess Surplus President

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